Ecological farm of Linas Šliauteris


The organic farm of Linas Šliauteris

Linas Šliauteris’ farm was established in 1999. It is the initiator of commercial sea buckthorn cultivation in Lithuania. Initially, only berries were collected and sold. The commercial sales of sea buckthorn juice began in the year of 2002. Currently, the farm produces 17 types of products for consumers both in Lithuania and abroad. The raw material for the products is collected from an area of 220 hectares – it is the largest sea buckthorn area in Eastern Europe used for production.

The production uses the so-called “Prussian” sea buckthorn, grown since ancient times in Klaipeda region. There are some new varieties as well “Mastis”, “Shcherbinka”, “Sadovaya”.

Currently, several products rich in natural probiotics are produced.