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ŠaltalankisI have been practising Sea buckhorn berry cultivation since 1999. At the beginning as manager of my mother, Eugenija Šliauterienė,farm [first specialized buckthorn berries growing economy in Lithuania] .In 2004 I founded Eco-buckthorn berries growing farm.At the moment sea buckthorn berries are cultivated by me in150ha area.In sea buckthorn berry cultivation my brother Vygintas Šliauteris [40 hectares] and my father of Alfonsas Šliauteris [80ha] are engaged.35 hectares of land are leased to Gediminas Grėbliūnas, who also cultivates sea buckthorn berries.All these farms are in cooperation The grown sea buckthorn berries cooperation area is one of the largest, may be largest unit, specialized in Organic sea buckthorn berry growing in Europe.